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Hi Everyone!

I have found evidence for a huge inland sea with islands, that was destroyed most likely by an asteroid impact or from results of the Great Flood or deluge that lead to its demise over a few thousand years after the Deluge.

The Atlas and Anti-Atlas mountains were moved from the western side 150 miles to 300 miles on easter side of the Anti-Atlas mountains & the Atlas mountains average 500 miles of north, north east at about a 12-15 Degrees to the east.

Benghazi to Derna as well was moved as well 500 miles north, north east at approx. 2.5 degrees east. All these mountain ranges were what hemmed in and held the sea as well as provided high mountain ranges with Ice caps that supplied fresh water to the system.

Besides an asteroid impact I believe the movement of the continents from the Deluge period moved Africa where it now is, placing it over existing sediment as well as plant and biological life, and weakening it which allowed it through shear water build up and pressure as well as the huge flow of water that was released, or additional smaller impacts. I personally think just the weakening over time with additional water and weakening over time of the sediment between the two layers allowed such great movement and earth quakes could have aided in this process.

Regardless of timing or method the geological easily seen evidence from Google earth coupled with the best topological maps show this to clearly be the case in my humble opinion.

Link to Map: []

Top one shows Africa with 2 huge lakes connected by rivers and where the largest impact was it shows this as an oasis chucked of Trees and other rivers. I believe this is post deluge and movement of the mountain ranges that released the inland sea.

On a side note: There is also near the west coast of Africa a set of concentric rings, that at the time of the map could have still been accessed by rivers mostly, and with higher water levels could have sailed there from the Mediterranean Sea out to the Atlantic ocean on the west side of Africa.

I Apologize for not providing maps and more details, its not easy being a perfectionist and putting out subpar work, I'm just in too much pain and I could never do all the work myself anyway or would I want to.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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