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jeffreyw Wrote:
> Correct. There are no "black holes" or "gravitons"
> or expansion of the universe. All three concepts
> are pseudoscience.
> Pseudoscience: a collection of beliefs, statements
> or practices that claim to conform to the
> scientific method, but do not.
> They are pushing pseudoscience, and what's bad
> about it is that when you question them, and call
> them out on it, they call YOU the pseudoscientist.
> Wild.

Jeffrey, you are a pseudoscientist! You publish complete crap on vixra! That is the very definition of pseudoscientist. Or crank. Whatever. You don't have the foggiest about any area of science. In short, you are a nobody, with no scientific credentials, no scientific understanding, who makes up idiotic nonsense, and posts it on the web.

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