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jeffreyw Wrote:
> Correct. There are no "black holes" or "gravitons"
> or expansion of the universe. All three concepts
> are pseudoscience.
> Pseudoscience: a collection of beliefs, statements
> or practices that claim to conform to the
> scientific method, but do not.

All three may or may not be true - but they are not pseudoscience.
Black holes - predicted both by general relativity theory and by observation of no suns beyond a certain size. Doesn't mean they exist - there may be other factors that cause a limit to the size and mass of suns. But it is not pseudoscience to assert their existence, because evidence is both theory and observation.
Gravitons - concept is all other known forces have "particles", therefore it is logical (although not proven) that gravity does also. Me personally, I don't think gravity needs to have gravitons if it is understood to be warping of space itself - in that context it is not a force like other forces. But assuming gravitons is not pseudoscience, it may simply be wrong.
Universal expansion - I have posted elsewhere an alternative perspective that describes the red shift (which is one basis for the expansion theory). So expansion may be wrong, but it is not pseudoscience, as it is based on observation AND experiments on light.

Now - if you limit "science" only to that category which involves repeating and replicating experiments - fine. A lot of what is considered "science" would then need to be reclassified as "natural philosophy" which was the original category anyway. I'm fine with that, but I don't think most scientists would support it

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