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Lost_In_Place Wrote:
> I agree the existence of black holes needs to be
> verified by observation beyond any reasonable
> doubt. This means many examples observed and
> confirmed. The theoretical basis for them is also
> grossly incomplete, as evidenced by this
> discussion. Hopefully then, the peer-reviewed
> astrophysics community can give us answers to what
> black holes are and such fundamental questions as
> where is all the anti-matter. Until that happens,
> and they are articulated to the public, black
> holes and other unverified astrophysical phenomena
> will be fair game for others to comment on,
> question basic assumptions obvious to even the lay
> person, and alternative hypotheses proposed in
> forums such as GH.

Well, as a layman can you please do the maths re the orbits of the stars around the mostly invisible point at the galactic centre, and estimate the mass of said object. From that mass, calculate the Schwarzschild radius. If you think it is just a regular star, then work out what its diameter should be. Then tell us why it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in every single wavelength including visible.
Sorry, the layman is in no way qualified to understand the science involved, which is why you get wooists like Daniel and JW commenting on it here.

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