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Hi Everyone!

I'm proposing that Black Holes may have Super Cooled Cores that's a Superconductor. This Rigid string black hole is absorbing energy from the surrounding area through the external strings which conduct pretty well but only the core is super cooled & superconducting. The surface area is condensed at the core where superconductivity allows jets of energy, gas & dust pulled from the exterior on the outer edges of the jets. The poles are connected to the electromagnetic framework distributing the energy through the network.

Material interacting with the outer edges of the black hole being broken down where everything that's not pure energy is repelled and the energy flows from the outer ends of the strings to the center where they are condensed & expelled from the super cooled superconducting core. If as I have proposed that Black holes are super cooled then they would only light up on the outer edges and pole jets when feeding. Basically an energy vacuum.

Being a cool body would allow for a build up of material that could gather close to a black hole, in its own micro environment between the anchor black hole and the surrounding solar systems.

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