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Hi people,

Hope you are all well, I am back. So I was looking at tribal tattoos of berber/kurd/yazd women. There are cultures in Dwarka where they have them. They are very similar, it wards off evil, the tribal man would not marry women who were not have them. So was thinking that it might have been an accidental discovery of a primitive form of vaccination. You introduce a small weakened amount of disease to your body so it can develop antibodies. So the proposed scenario, that tattoo-person goes around, tattoo ill person, with the same needle, tattoos a bunch of other persons. These persons survive polio/smallpox/measles etc. while the ones who have been not, perishes in the outbreaks. It does not take ages to the custom to become very popular. I do not think that first they figured out that why it worked, the act of tattoo, that how it worked on the microscopic level, but rather thought it might put it down to the symbols. Like okey dokey, you get this one against the "spotty fever death", a little star for you. And so on. But never the less it might have worked, it might become part of traditional medicine and tribal customs for a very good reason.
So, can these early tattoo customs were accidental discovery of vaccines, first vaccination programs?


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