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jeffreyw Wrote:
> They call it the most "primitive" object in the
> solar system to date, which does not make any
> sense.
> If all the objects in the solar system formed at
> the same time as is claimed by the nebular disk
> theory, then nothing in the solar system is more
> primitive than anything else. They are not being
> internally consistent.
> If it all came from the same disk, then material
> in the inner solar system would be just as old as
> stuff way out in no man's land. Not only that, but
> where exactly is the cut off point for what counts
> as nebular disk material and interstellar
> material? So they measured the very edge of the
> solar system?
> To me that's a bolder claim than saying stars cool
> down.

Nope. You just don't understand the science. I haven't read the article, but they are almost certainly talking about the fact that it has undergone little to no processing. In other words, no volcanism, no plate tectonics etc. Similar to comets. And yes, everything in the solar system is roughly 4.5 Ga old. Material from an asteroid was recently dated to that age. Meteorites are dated to that age, etc. Probably best if you leave science to those that actually understand it.

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