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As a prediction for Stellar Metamorphosis, the ring is remains of very old stars/planets.

Whenever there are captures, older planets run the risk of getting destroyed, either by direct collision or electric discharge breakdown. The remnants get flown out at high speeds, they would settle in rings. Because planets already occupy most space and rock that settles in already established orbits will already be captured by that planet (ie cleaned up), the "oord cloud" would be far away from such influences and thus a ring would form at the outskirts naturally.

So composition wise we would mostly find rock, but any other material can be present (also a prediction). ices can be added later from the solar wind and interstellar space, these would be detected only at/on top of the surface (and surrounding space) (also a prediction, but i think mainstream would predict these as well since where seen at pluto (tiny atmosphere) as well.

Another prediction would be that even kuiper belt object could have small atmospheres (larger than mainstream expects), because any material not in planet orbits can and will settle there. (like plastic moutains in the ocean..our own solar system waste)

ps. we may also see extrastellar dynamics, ie interactions not caused by our sun but cosmic rays.


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