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Reason for Pickle Shaped Galaxies in Early Universe? 1022 Lowelldw64 17-Aug-18 15:40
More Evidence for Early Pickle Galaxies and their distribution? 186 Lowelldw64 19-Aug-18 04:25
Mod Note > Duplicate Topic Merged 187 Dr. Troglodyte 19-Aug-18 15:02
Re: More Evidence for Early Pickle Galaxies and their distribution? 351 D-Archer 20-Aug-18 08:56
Black Hole's, Pickle galaxies & the Big Bang Examined 188 Lowelldw64 19-Aug-18 09:10
Mod Caution > Triplicate Topic Merged 182 Dr. Troglodyte 19-Aug-18 15:12

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