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Hi Everyone!

After further analyzing the new data from the CBR signature and inputting the data and re-running the simulation I came up with some surprising results. From the simulation data I get black holes forming like balls of string/pearls in the liquid core body that made up the universe before the Big Bang. The larger ones gathered at the center and smaller ones from centrifugal force and the amount of larger black holes like a bunch of magnetic ball bearings of all sizes spinning within the liquid core.

I believe this took awhile and I believe that there was a solid outer shell that was insulating the core from the electrostatic charge that was created in the magnetosphere. Because of the concentration at the core the temperature rises creating a boiling point.

Just before the Big Bang the first boil over at the core created an explosion that cracked the outer shell that was insulating the core from the electrostatic charge stored in the atmosphere. This also caused bubbles to form in the liquid core and expanding it, the whole time also we have Rossby Waves created by the spinning black holes and the vortex's they create in the liquid core as well as vortex magnetic waves.

The Second Explosion took place as the Electrostatic charge built up outside the outer shell was broke and the charge was drawn to the core causing an explosion, but this would be considered a local or in quantum a topological effect. This time matter from the outer shell along with outer mantle material was ejected but within range of the magnetosphere. The Liquid core for the Most part is still intact, and the Rossby waves are still in action and spinning the material , kind of like Jupiter's red spot but many Rossby waves so many spinning vortex's of material maybe even the smallest out layer of black holes.

The CBR images from my post on Pickle Galaxies I suspect are from this phase of the expansion of the Universe, right before the third and final great Bang so to speak, and the third explosion is what we commonly refer to as thye Big Bang.

So the Big Bang had premade black hole's that were distributed creating the basic framework of the Universe, and this all fits in with my previous assertions.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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