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Hi Everyone!

I am proposing that the root cause for the pickle shaped galaxies in the early Universe is tied to the speed of rotation of Our entire Universe, which could be part of a larger system but that's another topic.

Imagine if you will that all the matter in our galaxy was being dragged at high speed from the Main black hole and its companions. Our Galaxy would form a pickle shape with the largest black hole in the lead and the other black holes line up by size/weight then we have the smallest but densest bodies starting from the smallest black holes then to the bigger mass planets and suns, all enshrouded in gas & dust.

I also propose that though in a locked gravitational state because they are following a spinning object the massive black hole when the universe was spinning faster that when the speed starts to slow down that this spin is then transferred through the chain and starts to spin the bodies in tow and as the speed
reduces more the spin can accelerate from the main black hole to all the connected bodies.

And just as a skater when their arms are held close to the body the galaxy when not stretched out can spin faster, giving us the more round disk galaxies we are accustomed to seeing. And as the Universe was in a more confined space like the skater with their arms it would have naturally have spun faster in the beginning and as it expanded like a skater with arms extended it slowed the spin enough to allow the round disk shaped Galaxies we see.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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