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Hi Tom

I wonder if you have considered the motion of the sound-origin.

If something is coming toward you, the distance between it and you is decreasing every second so the sound has less distance to travel. Depending on how fast the sound-origin is traveling means something strange can happen to the sound waves coming towards you: they can back up upon themselves or bunch up or the waves create a bow-wave as they come...especially when the sound is first made during actual motion.

When the sound-origin is moving away from you, the distance is getting greater at each second and so the sound waves are stretching slightly as the come towards you.

Now, no matter what, the sound itself is the same as that is what it is that the sound-origin has produced...and you are not moving, just the origin and the waves coming to you from one direction and passing by you and then toward you from another direction. The waves themselves are the ones bunching up or stretching and altering what is being perceived from what is actual: when it is right in front of you, you hear it for what it is as the waves are traveling parallel between origin and you and for a moment, are acting natural between you both.

Now then...turn sound into extremely low frequency waves that travel just like sound waves...they are really low in audible range and are felt rather than heard. Elephants and alligators produce those, for just a couple of animals, and those waves travel over vast distances...several miles for alligators and up 30-odd miles or more for elephants. That is one form of communication those kinds of animals use.

The 'sound' you are hearing about black holes are from a radio telescope translating waves into sound in the audible they don't actually start off like that as they reach Earth...they are all kinds of waves processed through an analyzer that recreates the reception into sound. The construction of our ears turns sounds into electrical signals that are processed through our own brain's analyzer and recreated as sound. Alligators and elephants process ELFs through their own analyzers and translate ELFs back into 'sounds' of a sort...or like morse code, into patterns of 'sounds' that are their alligator can't talk to an elephant but they both 'hear' chatter happening.

So...very low frequency waves travel the furthest on their own. All 'photons' emit their own short-wave waves and can travel further emitting those waves as they go...but the distance they emit is very short range...very very short range: if you take one light photon and are able to perceive it, you won't see much at need lots of light photons in one location to perceive something.

Radio waves, sound waves, photons, xrays, gamma rays, all kinds of waves actually...all processed to give us 'sound'...or structure of chemical composition or material density or bodily distance... ears hear and my mouth speaks and my eyes perceive but nothing about me emits light. I do, though, emit other kinds of waves at frequencies that are inaudible unless they get processed through the right analyzer and turned into sound. Otherwise, what I emit can only be received by something that also emits the same waves.

Cosmologically speaking, we might have to be a planet to speak 'planetish', or a galaxy to speak 'galaxish', or a black hole to speak 'black holish', no matter we can perceive the language being spoken.

Good point about the range on a key board though...we can translate all waves into sound, and the keyboard has several octaves of that range, not all of them. All it takes is one octave that all waves can translate into, and then that octave expanded out in both directions to reveal all the octaves of all the waves that exist, from gamma rays and that end of the spectrum to the other end of the spectrum, where light and sound come somewhere in the middle.

Light and sound affect 2 of our best senses...touch feels ELFs. You can see further than you can hear, but you can feel somewhere in between.

Maybe feeling something is right where we need to be.

if necessity is the mother of invention, why is there a monster under my bed?

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