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Here is a Doppler car horn: notice, carefully that this horn starts as a high-frequency sound, then to the directly in front middle range, then to the receding low frequency sound.



In Cosmology, the idea that emerges is that the high frequency sounds occur over longer distances because of the actual ENERGY PLATITUDES of the ONCOMING SOUNDS pushing toward the current location (Earth) to actually end up at the middle range (at point 0 on Earth). Then, as the sound recedes in the lower frequencies because of the LOSS OF ENERGY PLATITUDES in the ongoing sound remnants.

Here is the sound of two black holes merging. Notice the mid-to high frequency as the further distance is recorded:

The low frequency sound is the background noise, and the chirping sound, after a LONG DISTANCE is a high-frequency sound.

I have thought about these facts and concluded that, because of the HIGH-ENERGY PLATITUDE, the sound is conveniently high-to-mid range here on Earth. If anyone actually listens to the automobile BOOM-BOXES, as they approach become increasingly louder at point 0, where the sound is FULL FORCE, and listens how the volume and wavelength decrease in potency as they move away from the observer.

This correlates to the example of a piano. The oncoming high-frequency sound would be heard first, then the full 88 key bombastic, then the low keys as the sound moves away.

There is much to be thought of here concerning cosmology. I earlier assumed that the low waves would go farther in space. But the immense amount of ENERGY to transport the sound would dissipate sooner than a high-frequency sound. In other words, low-frequency is a LOCAL effect, near point 0. Then the HIGH-ENERGY high-frequency sound has less waste in the sine wave form for any long distance of a potential sound SOURCE, like the colliding of two black holes, or supernova and any other potent source which must travel farther.

It has to do with the sine wave frequency itself. Shorter, faster waves will not dissipate due to the fact that less ENERGY is used to transmit the wave over longer distances. Larger, longer waves will not sustain for any long distance. The waves are too big to maintain their integrity for very far.

So, the MIDDLE RANGE is more likely to last due to the discrepancies of both longer, wider waves in any locale; and the shorter, narrower waves with a MINIMUM POWER along farther distances.

Listen again to the sounds, above. See how what is seen appears long before the first sound is heard. And notice again how the sound dissipates well before the view of the car disappears.

Thanks for letting me share.

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