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Eddie Larry Wrote:
> ...
> From my point of view, this is a valuable
> development. Verlinde doesn’t do away with all
> the dark matter/energy concepts. “Dark energy
> is quite an important part of my theory,”
> Verlinde says. “I don’t do away with
> everything that’s called ‘dark,’ I just
> explain what is what we now call ‘dark matter’
> by thinking about what the influence of dark
> energy would be, and that [dark energy] actually
> gives the same effect.”
> ...

Since E = MC^2, energy and mass are equivalences, and mass is a property of matter. We know matter can be converted to energy (see any nuclear explosion), and we know that the conversion can be done the other way as well (see pair production, also photosynthesis). I think Verlinde is simply applying the equation to "dark" matter and energy.

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