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Lightning has feeder-stikes that release from the ground before the cloud-strike descends, so Earth is a battery of a kind already...just check out telluric currents.

To harness a strike, one needs a receiver that won't blow up from so much energy impacting upon its surface in such a short time period. Then one needs a storage facility to corral such energy without overloading and dissipating energy into the surrounds. Then one needs to be able to extract the energy without much difficulty. And finally - or firstly - one needs areas where lightning is known to strike often.

How about lakes of molten silicon beneath the surface and close to known volcanoes?

Drilled into, layered with conductors, kept at steady temperatures of 1400 C, housing a megawatt per cubic metre, and collecting strikes from either passing storms or generated in volcanic clouds.

The ravages of war slowly give way to nature's wonders.

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