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D-Archer Wrote:
> mmm, it sounds like you have no idea what happens
> in space, or what has been reported about it over
> the years.
> I am done with you, this is my last reference to
> let you see how wrong you are and i quote you for
> posterity.
> Ianw16 said:And no asteroid has ever been seen
> to flare up

> Asteroid Sprouts Tails… Six of Them!:
> []
> ---
> You can take the explanation of how/why this
> happened in the article and believe that, but
> photons are not massles, these are real impactors
> and they can charge up a rock in space, the
> sprouting tales is the discharge.
> Regards,
> Daniel

So, apart from the obvious obfuscation, let us look at these claims of Daniel's.
Firstly, protons and other ions are, indeed, not massless. They are, however, 1836 times more massive than electrons. This gives the electrons more mobility within the solar wind when they encounter an object, such as an asteroid. On the hemisphere facing the oncoming solar wind, not much is going to get charged by this process, as roughly equal numbers of both sign are going to hit it. However, on the side opposite the solar wind, it is easier for the electrons to impact. Therefore, the charging is mostly seen on that side, and is negative. On the other side you are likely to get a small + charge due to the photoelectric effect removing electrons from the surface. Neither of these charges are going to build up to the degree where there is going to be a 'discharge'. After all, the object is embedded within the solar wind, and any area that built up a substantial charge would attract particles of the opposite sign from the wind, and soon neutralise. Basic stuff, really.
Protons, and other heavier ions do cause sputtering on asteroid surfaces. This is a mechanical process, whereby the ion hits the surface and liberates atoms from the surface material. It was, in fact, measured at comet 67P early in the mission when the solar wind still had access to the surface. This doesn't last at comets though, as the outgassing volatiles eventually prevent the solar wind reaching the surface.

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