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Hi Everyone!

The future is ripe for nanoparticle made products, and I propose that we may have all the nanoparticles we want just waiting to be harvested. That fine dust that seems to be such a problem on the moon could be a Gold mine in nanoparticles. Collect them sort them use them.

We need to stop letting the fact that long term space exposure causes harm to the human body. I think some of the main issues may be fixed with existing knowledge and technology, that said we can just rotate crews more often. We need to get on the moon and see what we can make with what's up there and start using it. I see a day and it could be soon that we make products in space and send them to earth as complete products and materials for use.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

Williams Custom Designs LLC

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Mining the Moon for Nanoparticles? 882 Lowelldw64 19-May-18 00:34

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