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drrayeye Wrote:
> Carol,
> Assuming a good sound spectral speaker (for the
> upper sound frequencies), there should be both an
> age related and sex related difference in what
> they report. Men in their teens often listen to
> very loud music that leaves them with high
> frequency hearing losses. Both men and women lose
> high frequency reception with age.
> If one has a high frequency capability loss, one
> can only hear "Laurel". For women--especially
> younger women--it's likely to be "Yanni," but they
> can also hear "Laurel," or even switch back and
> forth.
> I had my sound spectrogram tested, and my high
> range sensitivity is weak.
> I heard "Laurel." I wish I could hear "Yanni."
> Ray

Well, I'm not a younger woman, and I could only hear 'Yanni' in the recording in my OP. I've heard 'Laurel' in others, when the frequency was altered.


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