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D-Archer Wrote:
> Cool.
> From nasa:
> "
> The InSight Mars lander has two science objectives
> that support the Mission's science goals:
> Formation & Evolution: Understand the formation
> and evolution of terrestrial planets through
> investigation of the interior structure and
> processes of Mars.
> Tectonic Activity: Determine the present level of
> tectonic activity and meteorite impact rate on
> Mars.
> They are going to study the evolution of Mars,
> really cool they are acknowledging that planets do
> evolve, but if they use the nebular hypothesis*
> they probably do not have correct predictions or
> will be surprised by the findings of this
> mission.

Daniel, please take your pseudoscientific nonsense to Parnormal or Gunpowder, where it belongs. This is the Science board, for science posts.

You're quick enough to tell others when to remove their posts from this board. Please heed your own advise.


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