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Itatw70s Wrote:
> Carol, I'm glad that you have found your answers
> for the mysteries that confront humanity
> concerning odd or uncommon attributes of the
> planetary systems.

Tom, if you're referring to the 'canals' of Mars, there aren't any, and there weren't any in the time of Lowell and Schiaparelli, in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Any oceans or lakes that may have existed on Mars (and there's plenty of evidence that they did) dried up billions of years ago when Mars lost its dynamic core and its magnetic field, its plentiful atmosphere and an air pressure sufficient to keep water liquid.

If you're referring to Cydonia as the centre of an earth-related civilization that died out only 10,000 years ago, sorry, but that's fantasy. Mars, as I've said above, has been in its present state for billions, not thousands of years. It's climatic and atmospheric situation is unsuitable for unprotected habitation on the surface.

If you're referring to the possibility of a hit from space, yes, the danger is very real, and yes, NASA and others are taking it seriously.

> I need answers for my questions, and I search
> whatever source is available to me. That's my take
> and my position.

Do further research into the points I've made then, and choose your sources carefully, making sure they're legit, not fantasy, and not twenty years old.

> Thankyou for your input.

You're welcome.


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