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I decided to borrow this OP to remind folks that COMETS ARE DANGEROUS to our planet.

According to Graham, Earth, the Moon and Mars all had impacts that changed the history and condition of these three objects.

The fact that Mars IS DEAD is a message that us Earth folk cannot afford to forget. As Graham indicated in his book, Mars may have been a hospitable planet with oceans and rivers. I find it interesting that the earliest description of Mars in the 1800's described Mars with many canals, which was revelatory at that time, seeing that no probe or Lander had touched the planet, as we now know. Was it an Ancient memory to the astronomer's consciousness? Surely, intuitions do occur for some reason unknown to our modern scientists.

My point is that our Earth has crossings of comet fragments regularly. In fact, the two annual visitations are June 24 to July 6, and November 3 to 15.

Graham also said that our current attitude about impacts are dangerously lethargic and careless (my words). He expects us folks to reinvent ourselves in the twenty-first century (page 283).

I do not have the time, energy or the equipment to stargaze since my work schedule is daytime work. What Graham insisted is that more watching of the sky is needed and a more AWARENESS of our precarious predicament in this time forward.

If you have not done so, go read his book (now twenty years old, yet immediately relevant).

PS. A 150 foot meteor passed real close to Earth on April 16, a few days ago. (See The News Desk).

You should dissolve all discrimination of individuality and absorb all things into a harmonious oneness.
The virtue of a highly evolved being embraces all people and things and dispels the darkness which isolates them.

Hua Hu Ching-primary lesson.

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