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Hi Everyone!

I'm proposing that from a Single Central Explosion that Created the Mother of all Black Hole's created the basic shape of the universe or the physics involved created a network of black hole seeds that were the outer crust of the black hole and more dense. These seed black holes after things settled into equilibrium created a network of seed black hole.

The Gas was not ejected like the seed black holes it was held closer to the core because of the main black hole as well as closer in the density was higher. As these black hole seeds feed and grow they have lots to feed on and grow fast, they gather matter that creates stars of all kinds that explode and seed farther out with matter and gas for the seed black holes that are already out there can start to feed on.

So we get expansion in a set pattern for the most part the shape will stay the same with some movement or change within the formations from the randomness and directions of matter being ejected into new areas to start new galaxies. As the power and matter/gas are moved farther out and new expansion is taking place in many systems that alone will cause expansion like the growth of a city! As the matter and gas reach these Pre-Placed Power Source Black Hole Seeds they have what they need to Power up new Galaxies.

Another matter in expansion is as the matter and energy is distributed from the center the field strength weakens allowing expansion through loosening of the grip of gravity and the strength of said gravity and also anti-matter will have a stronger influence over a system that's gravity is weakened and should be taken into account.

The raspberry egg shaped universe looks promising if not right, you can kind of think of the outer edges of the universe like freeze dried fruit and when it grows out where it can receive the nourishment/ Gas & matter it needs it can warm up and expand & Grow and feed new sections of seed black holes???????

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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