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Race Jackson Wrote:

> Here's the mystery. The big bombardment happened
> around 4 billion years ago - when the moon orbited
> only around 30K kilometers away from the earth,
> unlike today when it orbits an average of 240K
> kilometers away. The earth shielded the near side
> of the moon from asteroid strikes (because it was
> so close to the earth). Since the moon was already
> tidally locked to the earth, how did big asteroids
> manage to hit the near side of the moon, since
> these asteroid strikes occurred when the moon was
> much closer to the earth?

Good question! I don't know what the correct answer is, but maybe the fact that the two bodies were so close together is part of the answer. Any asteroids that were drawn towards the earth but missed it would have been deflected by earth's gravity to curve around it and head straight towards the moon. 30,000 kms may seem close, but I would think it's far enough for a large rock to adjust its orbit and head straight into the gravitational force of the moon and hit it on its near side.

What do you think?


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