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Thanks Laird

I didn’t get back to “Seeking the Primordial,” as you suggested. Bookmarked a few pages and got literally got caught up in “knots,” a few months back. Knots of the Dogon, of the Ancient Egyptians, of the Ancient Andean tribes referred to as Inca, to name several instances of poorly understood knot formations and usage. Knots are not just something that one finds aboard ships with sail rigging or within Eagle Scout training skills. One of the problems of knots was and is taking into consideration the material they were often made of and context they’re used. The material usually did not hold up over long periods of time in places where it was often subject to accelerated decomposition or when mentally used, a form of decrepitude or meaning lost or not passed on to the next generation. . An ongoing study, at any rate.

Not one to make this post a big spiel about knots yet it was that figurine of the Nummo Fish of the Dogon, the double helix of DNA, and the Egyptian hieroglyph that appears as a twisted upright loop – I’ll throw in the Caduceus for an added twist – and the use of a knot system to convey numerical and linguistic language of the early Andean tribes of South America often misrepresented as the Inca, as well as that megalithic rock with a carving resembling the double helix and the Tut Ankh Amen skull cap on page 132, Seeking the Primordial. Back to reading.


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