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From ‘packets’ to ‘quantum,’ . . of internet data that is. . .

Quantum Internet

One will need their wits about themselves when engaging entanglement, but will the Hacker’s of 1995 be up to the task of relinquishing their skills 25 years later when the rest of quantum computer users know their secrets, too, in 2020? . .

"Mind like parachute, must be open to function." ~ Charlie Chan - Famous Chinese detective character

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Going Dutch, anyone? . . 1002 Reagent 16-Feb-18 05:29
Re: Going Dutch, anyone? . . 151 drew 16-Feb-18 09:13
Re: Going Dutch, anyone? . . 157 D-Archer 16-Feb-18 10:07
Re: Going Dutch, anyone? . . 135 Aine 18-Feb-18 14:28
Re: Going Dutch, anyone? . . 343 D-Archer 19-Feb-18 09:01

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