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hello Graham,
It has been a long time since we have been in contact and I note that your discussion on floods emphasizes the Younger Dryas. Also your discussion on Bretz concentrates on a flood source in Glacial Lake Missoula. These approaches do not take into account subglacial meltwater sources we discussed many years ago. The evidence for these sources becomes increasingly compelling and they explain many more flood landscape features than the Younger Dryas and Lake Missoula.

I understand that you were in the Scablands with Jerome Lesemann recently. He would have pointed out that the western Scablands around Moses Coulee derived meltwater from beneath the Cordilleran Ice Sheet in the vicinity of the Cordilleran Ice Sheet. The floods are associated with prominent drumlin fields eroded by turbulent meltwater currents beneath the ice-sheet.

As well, the Younger Dryas is a late stage event of the deglaciation and most of the sea-level rise took place before the Younger Dryas Event. We have very good evidence from the Sunda Shelf, Indonesia and coral reefs in Barbados that catastrophic sea-level rise took place episodically and at much greater rates than for steady state conditions.

We also have incontroversial evidence for megafloods beneath the Laurentide Ice Sheet (about 100 floods). The best evidence comes from bedrock erosional marks at Georgian Bay, Ontario:[]. We will meet at Wera Beach resort, Sumba Island, Indonesia and create an expanded video with voice over. Outburst floods explain episodic sea-level rise, abrupt changes in the temperatures indicated in the Greenland ice cores, and changes in ocean circulation. They also show that your interpretation of drowned civilizations is almost certainly correct. Each flood would have caused about 30 cm of sea-level rise in about two weeks. Destabilizing shelf ice would have caused even more raising of sea-level. Each flood involved flows of about 10 Sv eroding swaths on the order of 150 km in width.

I would like to have Guy Leduc and Elizabeth kokinnen interview you for our finished video which will establish a new paradigm for deglaciation of the large. low latitude, Pleistocene Ice Sheets. It would be wonderful if you could visit Sumba Island between April 8th and 14th when we will be doing interviews for our video. Otherwise, Guy lives n France and Elizabeth in the Netherlands so we could catch up with you in Europe. I could come from Canada to be interviewed with you. That would be a marvellous addition to our video...two controversial scientists overthrowing the reigning paradigm for deglaciation. i will be in England in August.

Best wishes,

John Shaw Ph.D. D.Sc.

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