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We recorded 870 populations of 418 species of vascular plants from 186 genera and 83 families (Supporting Information). Species accumulation curves (SAC) and several estimates of species richness (Chao, First order Jackknife, Bootstrap) suggest a total diversity of between 529 and 846 species (Fig 3, S1 Fig). The flora is strongly dominated by understory plant forms and taxa, 88% of the species documented were herbaceous, 8% shrubs or shrublets and 4% vines (lignified) and 80% are angiopserms. Species composition was dominated by the regional karrst forest flora, 93% of the species being also documented from outside of caves within the study area.

Wow, that's pretty impressive.

I guess they shouldn't have decimated their forests. Only 7% of species are endemic to caves, which means the remainder are terrestrial.


1984 was a warning, not a how-to guide.

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