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I think that it is known that a strict OOA hypothesis is untenable.

The model is a bit more complex than that.

First of all, it is relatively well acknowledged that two way traffic between africa and the near east took place throughout history.

Second we know that AMH (anatomically modern human) interbred with neanderthal several times. At least once around 100K years ago, you see introgression of AMH genes into neanderthal. AMH have obviously left africa multiple times in the past
However, none of these earlier migrations seem to have had any impact on current human genetics throughout the world. So these would be considered unsuccessful migrations.

However, it is clear in the genetics and archeology that all AMH that exist today primarily descend from AMH that left africa by about 70K years ago. Regardless of what AMH were doing before this time frame.
AMH interbred with Neanderthals, probably somewhere in the near east prior to migrating to the rest of the world. One set of people who ended up in Australia and Melanesia also interbred with Denisovans and such are ~2-5% Neanderthal, ~ 6% Denisovan and ~90% AMH, whereas the rest of AMH outside of Africa are ~1-5 % Neanderthal or 95-99%.

Denisovan and Neanderthal genetics is NOT found in Sub saharan africans, except in populations in which we can demonstrate did have mixture with OOA AMH. So mixture took place outside of africa, after people left africa ~ 70k years ago

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