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Hi Everyone,

I am commenting on this article and going beyond: [] .

They have disrupted flow and contraction, which are classic signs of a vacuum being exerted, this vacuum pressure needs to be dealt with and it will correct both issues the flow and the contraction.

We need to standardize the quantum plumbing system, that all energy flow at the quantum level is governed. After I was an Electronic Tech in the United States Air Force, I was a Plumber , go figure right. Just like with your house plumbing If your vents are clogged or you have no vent every 20 feet I think with a 3 inch drop per 20 feet, you will have problems. You can have vacuum lock with no flow, or build up of material that will lead to a stop up. The diameter of the pipe the space between vents all are crucial to quantum mechanics and energy flow on a quantum level, whether electrical or thermodynamic or fluid dynamics.

In Quantum electronics we have the same issue, which I suggest using a node of bigger diminutions. One of the same material may work depending on the material and environment. Another material all together may be needed which acts like a vent allowing the vacuum to be broken by being bigger it can pull energy in to the flow and actually increase the strength and speed of flow at the same time.

Best Regards & Shalom

Lowell D. Williams VanVorhis

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