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Hi Susan,

while more explanations and clarifications has been given by Eddie, I would try to answer with my humble toughs
about your 2 questions:

First of all we must Always keep present that we are every day ""bombarderd" by milions of informations,
which our biological "entity" processed and "interpreted": so we behave making actions and toughs,
which in turn are eleborated informations which build up our "culrure" and in consequence our behaviour.

For instance when I read the subject of the Topic, it immediately recalled to my mind the "Thermodynamics" laws.

Secondly I start to receipt the information you gave and processed them in order to understand if I could
answered to you in a proper way but, mainly, trying to not diverge and keep strictly to your asking question.

Hope that you are following me on this point and so here is IMHO the answers to your 2 questions as follows:

""1. I do not see how information can be said to 'behave'. ""

the information itself does not have any behavior... BUT ... it start in us a process which lead toward a
behaviour. So we can say that the informations "behave" inside us, using our biological process.

""2. It would seem that the word information is now supposed to mean all the elements of the uni verse. I personally cannot see the advantage of calling them information, which seems to be too vague a term! I shall pay attention to as much science programming as I can to see if the subject crops up.

Actually the word "Infornmation" in fact it is just like that: the element of all Universe of which we are
an integral and essential part.

Nowadays we are "receiving" (even if do not asked it) trilions of informations during our life... informations
which in turn make our biological entity to "Behave" based to the interpretation we give to the informations we receive.

It is a "Psycological" process for us uman, but also it is a "processing" by machines..... do you see it ?

So it becames indispenable, to not fell down into a Huge mess, to study and analize this process, and the new
branch of sience for that it is called "Infodynamics"...... as more or less like "Thermodinamics" ... etc.

I tried to not overflowing the basic elements which are the basis of this new science..... but I'm not so sure
to have done it.


You can not solve a problem with the same kind of thinking that you used to create it.

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