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"Oct. 9 (UPI) -- Two separate teams of researchers have found half of the universe's hidden matter, partially solving a mystery that has long troubled astronomers.

When it comes to the search for missing matter, dark matter -- the mysterious, invisible material accounting for roughly 80 precent of the mass of the universe -- hogs the headlines. But astronomers have also struggled to find a lot of visible matter, too.

Models predict there should be roughly twice as much visible matter as is routinely observed by surveys of the cosmos.

Now, a pair of research teams have found the missing matter. The matter is made up of particles called baryons, heavy subatomic particles made up of three quarks. Astronomers discovered the missing baryons among strands of hot, diffuse gas linking the universe's galaxies together -- the faintest portions of what's known as the cosmic web.

"The missing baryon problem is solved," astronomer Hideki Tanimura told New Scientist."

Lowell, I thought you
would find this to be cool.

All the best,

Brian #3

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