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Susan Doris Wrote:

And more germane, it is well established
> that there is a direct correlation between solar
> mechanics that rattle Earth's electromagnetic
> field (which in turn disrupts the electromagnetic
> fields of body and brain) and negative impact on
> Earth's biota (including the human organism)
> resulting in an increase in cardiac events,
> strokes, epilepsy, flu pandemics, and sudden
> infant death syndrome, as well as increased rates
> of hospitalization for clinical depression and
> psychotic episodes.
> Do you have a link for this? How could that be
> gauged against all the other factors involved in
> such health problems?

I'm too busy to dig out links at the moment so I'll just post some info from my work that includes some citations. You'll be able to track down the papers from there. Also, there has been a flurry of papers published since I wrote this ... the intensity of solar activity between around 2009 and 2013 motived much new research. Google relevant keywords to find.


Solar, Stellar, and Galactic Radiation

The inhabitants of Earth are protected by a very thin atmospheric membrane from the radiation that emanates in waves and blasts from the galaxy’s center, from supernova explosions, and from dangerous types of light and radiation emanating from other sources in space, including the sun— particularly the coronal mass ejections (CME) that erupt out of sunspots, primarily during its eleven-year active cycle. Adding to the uncertainty of our time, there are currently two large rips in this protective magnetosphere that shields the planet and its life forms. Recently, a massive solar storm caused high levels of intense heat-inducing radiation to flood into the largest of these rips in the magnetosphere—the outer skin of the planet— where it became trapped in the atmosphere. This created spectacular displays of aurora borealis that could be viewed as far south as Tennessee and Virginia in the United States. Solar events that disrupt Earth’s electromagnetic field aren’t rare, and even with the protection of the magnetosphere, CMEs and solar storms are known to disrupt electrical systems. A recent NASA-funded study by the National Academy of Sciences entitled Severe Space Weather Events— Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts (National Academies Press 2009) warned of the potential danger, concluding that a severe influx of solar radiation as a result of a CME could lead to a cascading failure of electrical transformers that would disable a third or more of the U.S. electrical grid for a year or longer. This study was based on a super storm the size of one that occurred in 1921. However, a solar storm that took place from August 28 to September 2 in 1859, known as the 1859 Solar Super Storm, or the Carrington Event, was fifty times stronger than the 1921 solar storm. It produced the largest solar flare witnessed by Western scientists. This flare caused a massive coronal ejection that was aimed directly at Earth. While average ejections take around thirty-six hours to reach Earth, this event took only seventeen hours to get here. Its impact on Earth’s electromagnetic field resulted in the largest geomagnetic storm ever recorded by Western science. At night the aurora was seen around the world, even as far south as the Caribbean, and was so bright that people could read a newspaper outside at midnight by its light. Telegraph systems failed, in many cases giving electric shocks to the operators. Telegraph transformers emitted shocks and sparks and caused fires.

Imagine the potential effects of a CME the size of the Carrington Event hitting Earth today, considering that one the size of the 1921 event, fifty times smaller than the Carrington Event, could shut down electrical systems that supply power to a third of the United States for an indefinitely long period of time. This is hard to imagine. Even harder to imagine is that these events can happen anytime, not just in the past or in the far away future. It can happen tomorrow. Next week. Next month. Next year. It very nearly happened on July 23rd, 2012. On that day the sun ejected one of the largest CMEs ever detected that travelled at a speed of 3,000 km per second, 4 times faster than average solar eruptions. Fortunately for us, it missed Earth. If it had happened just a week earlier, Earth would have been struck by a billion-ton cloud of magnetized plasma. Satellites, power and water supplies, computers and internet, smart phones, television and radio, hospital equipment, nuclear reactors...all would have been disabled. According to Daniel Baker, of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado, “If it had hit, we would still be picking up the pieces.” He went on to say “"In my view the July 2012 storm was in all respects at least as strong as the 1859 Carrington event...the only difference is, it missed." (The Guardian, July 2014). That’s a chilling thought.

Humans and other living beings aren’t immune to these effects. It’s known that metabolic activity among humans and animals increases measurably during solar storm and CME events, and that there are significant increases in the number of human cardiac events during periods of increased solar storm activity, indicating that humans can be directly affected by these storms. Research jointly conducted by the Institute of Space Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy has established that fluctuations within the terrestrial EMF, resulting from solar storms and CME events, can negatively disrupt the human heartbeat. These terrestrial EMF fluctuations occur in about half of all solar-triggered geomagnetic storms. Medical statistics for the city of Moscow show that 70% of these fluctuations are accompanied by an abnormally high incidence of heart attacks. And a team of researchers led by Valery Feigin, MD at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, discovered strong evidence connecting geomagnetic activity to increased risk for stroke. Feigin says: “We have known for ages that geomagnetic storms can shut down electrical stations across many regions and affect satellite navigation equipment, so it is logical that they can also affect human health.” He warns that "People need to know when these storms are coming” and suggests that “In time we might have a geomagnetic forecast along with the weather forecast.” And he matter-of-factly concludes: “As it is known that 2014 is a year of high geomagnetic activity, we can expect a higher stroke rate this year.” (Medscape Medical News, 2014).

Solar triggered geomagnetic fluctuations have also correlated with heightened anxiety, insomnia, mood alteration, and increases in psychiatric admissions (Persinger 1987, p 92). A study on the relationship between these fluctuations and depression found that hospital admissions of persons with a previous diagnosis of depression rose 36.2% during periods of solar disruption as compared with normal periods (Kay 1994). Raps, Stoupel, and Shimshoni (1992) established a strong correlation between numbers of first psychiatric admissions and solar disruption. Kuleshova et al. (2001) documented that the average number of hospitalized patients with mental and cardiovascular diseases increases measurably during these fluctuations, and that the frequency of myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, and disruptions of cardial rhythm and brain blood circulation doubles. Zakharov and Tyrnov (2001) documented an adverse effect of these fluctuations not just on sick people but also on the healthy: “It is commonly agreed that solar activity has adverse effects first of all on enfeebled and ill organisms. In our study we have traced that under conditions of nervous and emotional stresses (at work, in the street, and in cars) the effect may be larger for healthy people”. Tarquini, Perfetto, and Tarquini (1998) analyzed the relationship between these fluctuations and seasonal depression, and determined that terrestrial EMF fluctuations induced by solar activity, by disrupting the rhythms of the pineal gland, causes imbalances and disruptions of melatonin production, which have been closely linked to behavioral changes and mood disorders. And there is mounting evidence that these fluctuations are related to increases in violent crime and social upheavals during more intense occurrences. Also, exposure to higher levels of solar radiation as a result of an increasing occurrence of CMEs might be related to a surge in herd animal cataracts and human and animal cancers.

Scientists have expressed concern that a supersized CME aimed at Earth could tear the rips in the magnetosphere farther open, and that the blast of gas, magnetic energy, and radiation could become trapped inside the magnetosphere, causing, at a minimum, widespread disruption of electrical systems, both technological and biological. At worst, such a blast could cause social collapse, conflagration, and biological mutations. Their concern isn’t limited to just the danger of intense solar activity. In 1998, Earth was blasted by shockingly high levels of radiation. As NASA reported, a “blast wave swept past Earth. Satellites registered a surge of x-rays and gamma-rays…”. It seemed like another X-class solar flare. Except for one thing: this flare didn’t come from the sun. It came from outer space. ‘The source of the blast was SGR 1900 + 14, a neutron star about 45,000 light years away,’ says NASA astronomer Pete Woods. ‘It was the strongest burst of cosmic x-rays and gamma rays we’ve ever recorded’” (“Solar Flares on Steroids” 2003).

Exoterrestrial activity is updated daily at You may notice a relationship between this dynamic activity and mood, physical health, and current events.


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