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D-Archer Wrote:
> Anti vaccination is not strange, but that is not
> the point here/
> The key thing here is "knowledge", to treat a
> child you need the proper diagnosis and after that
> you need to do 'best practice'.
> It does not matter if it is naturopathic or modern
> medicine, a treatment only needs to work.
> And in any case, parents are free to choose how to
> treat their child, we can only hope for
> responsible parents. And no, it is not the job of
> the government to choose for the parents.
> ---
> As a natural healer myself this naturopathic
> treatment they used seems silly and misguided,
> they did use foods that are natural healthy but
> natural food is not natural medicine when there is
> a clear sign of sickness, natural healing food
> should be eaten by all but it is mostly to prevent
> sickness. As natural medicines i would recommend
> herbal (and plant) remedies and oils, they can be
> used for a lot of general sicknesses. A healthy
> child would not get meningitis (ofcourse), if a
> child does have it, it depends on the veracity if
> 'any' natural remedy can help.. but i would
> recommend to go to a GP maintream. After the
> mainstream treatment a parent could choose to als
> do natural food/medicine that is proven to boost
> healing.
> Regards,
> Daniel

The point here is what the parents should have done first. Common sense, not the government, should have determined the course of action.

Herbal treatments don't work for meningitis, and even against the advice of a nurse and even the Naturopath in question (from another article I read), the parents refused to take the child to a hospital, even when he was stiff as a board. That's neglect. Period. And if they'd had him vaccinated, the chances are he'd never have contracted meningitis in the first place.

In addition, religious beliefs such as Mormonism should play no role in the medical treatment of an urgently ill child.


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