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How do warmists ever square the circle knowing that there are plenty of these stations where this scenario exists...and yet the adjustments are always upwards? Disconnect or shortage of grey matter? Love how the other side thinks that there is no big issue with cooling the past and heating the present in order to say that a 'pause' never existed...even though early on in this Orwellian picture they admitted that it did ; ) Along that Orwellian train of the satellites must be off because they aren't demonstrating this missing heat?

crooked/twisted as hell- these climate science prostitutes who have abandoned science in order to further the cause...

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Watt's up with those land based measurements... 455 Ratcho 18-Feb-16 00:49
You're posting this in Science? 227 drrayeye 18-Feb-16 01:04
All about the measurements Ray 265 Ratcho 18-Feb-16 03:41

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