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JonnyMcA Wrote:

> get cracking missus! You need to stay ahead of
> the curve ;)

Hey, tell them to stop making me actually do work!!! :D

> > The trouble is the correlation, while strong,
> > hasn't actually been proven. We're in a period
> of
> > low solar activity right now after a period of
> > intense activity. The next several years could
> > count as a natural test of this paper's theory.
> >
> > Here's what's interesting about that. There is
> a
> > persistent hypothesis that as far as I know has
> > never been disproved: that low solar activity
> can
> > trigger volcanic eruptions.
> I hadn't heard of this. Have you sources for this
> you can link to or provide?

Here ya go. There are plenty of others. Also, some thing there may be a link between low solar activity and earthquakes as well.

Strothers 1989, Volcanic Eruptions and Solar Activity, JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH, VOL. 94, NO. B12, PAGES 17,371-17,381, DECEMBER 10, 1989


Strestik 2003, Possible Correlation Between Solar and Volcanic Activity on Long Term Scale




> > Yep. Combined with Napier and Clube's Taurid
> dust
> > loading at this same time period. :)) (Sorry,
> had
> > to throw that in there!)
> Yeah, Bailey, Clube and Napier proposed in 1990
> (Origin of Comets), that AD 400-600 may have been
> a time of increased bombardment risk due to a
> possible fragmentation event within the Taurid
> stream, evidenced by enhanced taurid fireball
> activity in observed astronomical records. So by
> invoking Solar Activity as a cooling mechanism,
> one appears to simply be replacing one contentious
> cosmic vector with a less contentious cosmic
> vector.

Well, yes, even if their less contentious cosmic vector is in itself highly contentious! LOL

> There are quite a few. See for example David Keyes
> "catastrophe that Carol has mentioned above, or
> Mike Baillie's Exodus to Arthur, or Celtic Gods.
> These tend to primarily discuss the 536/540 event,
> not the years after, but there is one record that
> is often dismissed as fantasy/allegory for the
> plague. Gibbon (1832) states

Such was the universal corruption of the
> air, that the pestilence which burst forth in the
> fifteenth
> year of Justinian [AD542] was not checked or
> alleviated by any difference of the seasons…but
> it
> was not until the end of a calamitous period of
> fifty-two years that mankind recovered their
> health,
> or the air resumed its pure and salubrious quality
> .
> Now it could indeed be reference to the abating of
> the plague (a belief that plague was caused by
> poor air), but it is interesting that Gibbon talks
> about the air being corrupted for 50+ years during
> the time when we know that large volcanoes
> injected a lot of aerosols into the upper
> atmosphere.

Yep, it would have been like Beijing is now--hazy and cloudy. People probably had lung problems that would have been made worse and deadly by pneumonic plague and other illnesses such as bacterial pneumonia. Even the flu would have killed them.

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