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JonnyMcA Wrote:
> The point they make in their paper is that it
> wasnt just the volcanoes (which are pretty large
> in comparison to the 1815 Tambora eruption), but
> that solar activity was also weak, the cumulative
> effect being enough to tip the climate into a
> cooler phase over a prolonged period due to
> feedback mechanisms. As I understand the Little
> Ice Age in the 2nd millennium is blamed upon
> similar combinations of volcanoes and solar
> activity, but it suffers from a poorly defined
> start date.

Just for the record, I haven't finished the paper so bear with me here.

I like the solar connection. It points to what I've been arguing for years: that the sun most certainly does play a role in climate here on Earth.

But this isn't a global warming thread.

The trouble is the correlation, while strong, hasn't actually been proven. We're in a period of low solar activity right now after a period of intense activity. The next several years could count as a natural test of this paper's theory.

Here's what's interesting about that. There is a persistent hypothesis that as far as I know has never been disproved: that low solar activity can trigger volcanic eruptions.

> This LALIA would seem to have a definitive trigger
> at 536/540. It may well have been that some global
> cooling could have occured anyway, but the one-two
> punch of 536/540 just exasperated it all.

Yep. Combined with Napier and Clube's Taurid dust loading at this same time period. :)) (Sorry, had to throw that in there!)

As you
> would have seen from private communication
> (Baillie and McAneney 2015 "Why we shouldn’t
> ignore the mid-24th century BC when discussing the
> 2200-2000 BC climate anomaly"), the 2200 BC event
> (AKA 4.2 kya event) seems to have a similar abrupt
> trigger, though ice cores are unfortunately poorly
> dated at this time (in my opinion) to link it to
> any volcanic eruption.

Let's talk about the historical record. What do the historical chroniclers of the time say?

(Sorry, I just had to throw that in too!)

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