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Hi Eddie,

Thank you for your response.

You posted:

"Hi Brian, Isn't it interesting
that humans evolved during an ice age?"

Yes, I find it fascinating. In
between the warming and cooling periods,
I would imagine great migrations taking place.
When you add in volcanism, and crustal shifts, the
ability of humans to evolve in multiple environments almost
simultaneously in time would make for a great thread in and of itself.

You also stated:

"Perhaps that should tell us
that we need to keep it that way.
Bill Nye did an interesting book on
climate science and technology development.
It is called "Unstoppable, Harnessing Science to
change the World." You might like it."

Thank you for the recommendation,
but I personally find the idea of changing
the Earth's climate to be nothing more than tilting
at windmills, a la Don Quixote. The real purpose of "Climate Change",
and this is simply my opinion so take it for what it is worth, is to tax
businesses and citizens, and impose strict regulations in an effort to control land.

All of course in the name of "Saving The Planet".

The idea of changing the climate
of Earth is ludicrous. Why do we need to
use the power of government to fix something that works?

The answer is power, control, and profits.

All the best, Eddie,

Brian #3

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