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>>>Have you seen numbers with radar cross section figures? Curious about your claim that these aren't stealthy.

Several Forums are chatting about the complete* STEALTH vs angular Stealth,
ie....your aircraft is more or less Stealth when in various angular positions of movement.

PAK FA has Stealth,...bit loses a % aspect of that with the exposed engine nacels

F-16.NET had some good arguments going against posters saying the PAK FA in this configuration was* Supercruise.

The actual numbers breakdown for RCS/LO...RCS/VLO will probably be a short while as boards hash things out.

This version from the airshow video is more cleaned up than earlier prototype version which was video before [winter test flight]

The RCS figures I used were from Strategy page website.

This version of PAK FA appears far different than the one from the winter flight ,
The 3 D thrust vector nozzels which are not new,
if it has other* vector assist on its frame....that would be interesting.

They are saying this aircraft is highly agile and will eat F-35 for dinner.

Its a nice looking aircraft,....if they can do this in far shorter time than US did,
its possible China can have a Bird with similar capability.

The US has the highground via the Technology lead for decades,
yet its a different game when Satellites get knocked out,....AWACS and Tankers.

Russia and China will be home,
it will be the away Game for the US.

I think F-35 will be Epic Fail...except for the VSTOL [Vertical capable version]

The arena of hypervelocity missiles will be the great equalizer in the future.
if you can get that set up in older gen birds, could bring 2-3 times the capability in numeric to the game

US lost in Cope India the agile SU 27/30 class,...

a bunch of Mig 23's racing on the deck and breaking up to cut off the escape from the Box killed the US F-15C's

my personal opinion on the US is that they are bleeding off Trillions in these mindless Neocon Military adventurisms,

the cutting back on F-22 program

US is in danger of repeating the mistakes of Germany in WW-2 with overfocus/over engineered - technology,
which is its endurance and turn around time in maint/logistics.

T Bird

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