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PAK FA in the set up for the airshow is not = F-22 as True Stealth.

It has RCS of 4.5(4++) generation stealthy/LO,

but those engines negate the benefits of the airframe's RCS/VLO

No way this set up even equals - Silent Flanker versions effort to achieve similar to US with Silent Eagle F-15SE.

Supercruise is a benefit to haul payload into the attack box and get out,

for F- 22 its estimated :
100-nautical-mile (190 km) dash as part of a mission would cut the F-22's combat radius from about 600 nautical miles (1,110 km) to about 450 nautical miles (830 km)[wiki]

Banging around the net about PAK FA,...the returns I'm noticing is that the aircraft would need another engine set up to have the F-22's Stealth and full* Supercruise ability.

The Russian may do Supercruise,...but not at the level of excellence the F-22 does.

The Russian SU 30MK and other birds have amazing agility,
they kill easily all US Birds inside the box because of this advantage.

The US has the deep invader advantage with its sophisticated radars and BVR missiles,
yet they have to escape the Box and get home,
and here....a few aircraft of lesser capability,
yet with amazing agility and short high speed dash capability margin F-22
kills its primary targets,

and dies on the way home.

Its all about attrition,logistics/main - turn around time.

F-22's Stealth is misleading, it requires lots and lots of maint to keep that Stealth in %

Maybe the Russians decided they could not achieve the F-22 capability and
maint required cycle's,

went for the best RCS/VLO,...and build as many as you can.

F-22 will have hits handsfull getting away if some of these are around.

Killing US AWACS aircraft will be more important to Russia than F-22.

knocking an AWACS out could enable Russia to get out and kill US Airtankers.......but that would require some strategy.

T Bird

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