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Yep war is hell and when you give a load of goons some rifles, expect innocents to be indiscriminantly killed. However, the US seem very trigger happy (as is documented a fair bit) so I'm not surprised this is going on and unsurprisingly, this is the result of a nation that grows up on a diet of violence.

However to single out the US is unfair but in a way necessary as they are the bigger perpetrators at present (due to them have 10 times more troops so the effects will be 10 times larger) - other nations have been and are as bad (bloody sunday, The british in india, the nazis, the facsists, etc)

The whole truth of the matter is that you have a bunch of morons and power and they do exactly what they do in the playground, abuse that power if they can. These soldiers don't have any honour (which they brag so much about), unless they are of the ilk that Ravan goes on above.

If you support war then you support the fact that innocent people will be raped, tortured and killed because that is exactly what soldiers will do. You join the army to fight and be violent - those who say otherwise are dreaming.

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