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But the fact remains that what makes a good soldier or a good anything) has nothing to do with genetics. It has to do with skills and desires. The greatest soldier in the world can be beaten by a humble weakling if that weakling wants to win bad enough.

The notion of genetically seperating the weak from the srtong is a sad relic of the eugenics movement that has no place in any healthy world under any circumstances. It will always and can only lead to an overall decay in the greater whole. That we understand genetics better does not mean that we can or should tamper with them to make something better. After all, who are you or I to decide what is better. Its easy to weed out a disease. Lets get rid of the cancer gene if we can, or the AIDS gene. But your talking about something far beyond seperating a bad gene. What your talking about is basically engineering mankind to fit specific niches, soldier, artist, worker, etc; The problem in that is in who decides whom goes into what niche. It really isnt any different than white slave traders selling africans of lighter skin to household work while those of darker skin go to the fields. That too was genetic seperation they just didnt know that it was genetics that makes someone lighter or darker. Science has given us a new vocabulary, but the meanings are for all to familiar concepts.

I wonder are you advocating such a thing or are you merely thinking outside of the box here?

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