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And, voila! Now you suddenly create a system based on genetic discrimination. Taking those with what is percieved as violent genes to be the soldiers will also result in a culling of those people with genes considered to be a danger to society or to be inferior or unwanted. It wouldn't stop there either, basicly you will end up with people being forced to do that which they do not desire to do for no better reason than the "scientists say". Thus you would create a system of mindless drones without the spark of human spirit necessary to continue on. Of course, this was all tried before within the US. This was what eugenics in the early 1900s was all about...using science to create a better person by breeding out what was considered to be desireable, and sterilizing those considered inferior. Alot of people like to ignore that little black secret in america's closet. It was no different than what hitler did, and was crucial in forming his plans about creating the super race. We have little knowledge of what genes are important and which are not to even begin to suggest such a system. How would this make the world a better place? The fact of the matter is that it wouldn't for many reasons. Whenever the scientific community comes up with a new way of making humans better, they add a whole world of even bigger problems. Most horrors in the world are started by well intentioned people trying to make things better, usually at the expense of someone else's freedom.

So here's a thought on using gene specific people as soldiers. How do you keep them from taking over? Mind you, you are using the wolves to protect the sheep, so how do you keep them from deciding,"hey, we should just take over since these ungrateful people who look upon us as mindless killers just send us out to kill for them while they stay home and savor the fruits of OUR labor." Oh yeah, you remove thier ability to make thier own decisions...creating a veritable slave race...but then, you have to have people to pass on the orders. So what is to prevent those people from using these now mindless soldiers from taking over? Basicly all you end up doing is creating a system of discrimination and tyranny. A wise man once said, " They who would give up an essiential liberty for temporary security deserve neither liberty or security"(Ben Franklin).

"A thing must be understood as certain and true in order to be known without any doubt. But for this reason, that finite knowledge had faults and defects in thy design, therefore hast thou been strangled in thine own doubts" (Paracelsus)

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