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I rarely eat fish because we shouldn't be raping a natural resource. We farm every other animal so why not fish? As for oil hemp will do all that oil does and more. We'll see the effects of global warming before we see oil run dry. As for the fish, expect most sea life to disappear when the temperatures start to rise.

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When it runs out ...... 170 Thirdwave 01-Jun-06 10:26
Re: When it runs out ...... 117 Halbared 01-Jun-06 13:35
Oil & Electricity 109 SunSword 01-Jun-06 14:17
Re: Oil & Electricity 114 come on pilgrim 02-Jun-06 02:42
Re: Oil & Electricity 116 OCaptain 07-Jun-06 15:21
Who needs fish? 122 David L 02-Jun-06 20:04
Re: When it runs out ...... 171 Aarooga 06-Jun-06 13:28
Re: When it runs out ...... 119 michael seabrook 08-Jun-06 20:39

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