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Hi bw01

Yes, I think that Osama is still alive. Time is their weapon. They see time diffently than we do. They aren't really concerned about private individuals staying alive. They worry about the message of their movement staying alive. I think it is why it has been so vehemently tied to a religion such as Islam. If it stays alive the war will go on. 20,30 or 100 years doesn't matter to them. It is why the U.S. and its coalition partners realized that they must adopt a plan that will take away the base of this messages support. Where is the main support? The ME.

Now I agree with you somewhat on the WMD's. I think he had them before the war but they were moved. Where? I'm not sure. But I also think that we and a number of other nations were glad that they were. I think these WMD's had ours and other nations fingerprints all over them. I think it was part of the reason certain nations put up such a concerted effort against an invasion.

Thank you,dane

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