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birtwistle01 wrote:

> Depends whether you believe Osama's still alive or whether this
> 'ex' CIA agent is still useful for US propaganda purposes.

I'm guessing that he was still CIA while running the imaginary Al Qaeda organization, and probably died due to his illness. If he was still playing with his friends today, he would have done a few videotapes by now. He looked ill when we last saw him. So his old friends at US intelligence have made him immortal by keeping him alive figuritively speaking.

They've been doing the same thing with Zarqawi in Iraq. Except, the news of his death was going against their goals in Iraq, so they put together that embarrassingly bad performance with an actor pretending to be Zarqawi and released it to the media. If Zarqawi was real and that black and white photo was of the real Zarqawi, he didn't look anything like the video.

> The great Islamic leader Osama seems to be largely AWOL except
> for a few anonomously delivered tapes to foreign media sources
> later verified as authentic by his former masters.

He's gotten camera shy.

> I'm still waiting for an apology from the CIA who instructed
> Bush to call MI6 liars about Nigeria exporting yellowcake to
> Iraq and then traitorously outed Valerie Plame while the UN
> pratted around for 6 months prior to the invasion giving
> Saddaam ample opportunity to export WMD to Iran or the Yemen or
> bury it under the sands in the sector of Iraq that has never
> been examined, just waiting for the time that they can
> mysteriously re-arm the army that we are now training to our
> standards.

They're not going to do squat about the Valerie Plame case. They're more concerned about who leaked the info about the domestic wire taps. Getting rid of all of the whistle blowers in the government and military seems to be their new goal.

> 14 countries including Syria had intel. reports for years that
> Sadaam was engaging in WMD procurement and suddenly the CIA
> decide after the invasion that this was bogus intelligence.
> Yeah right.

I don't know about the syrian intelligence you are referring to. Was this pre-first gulf war?

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