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adequatedane wrote:

> Hi PR
> I'm not so sure that Americans realize as much as you may
> give them credit for. In my opinion most Americans on certain
> subjects only recieve there information from the press. And in
> most of these instances they only pay head to the headlines not
> the actual substance. Celebrity trials are nothing new in U.S.
> history.

It takes too much energy to dig behind the headlines. Its easier just to watch CNN or Fox to get the pre-digested, american-friendly (by that I mean, nothing about americans doing bad things overseas) news. People are too worried right now about making their next mortgage or car payments. Stuff that goes on over in Iraq and Afghanistan may as well be on the planet Mars.
> I imagine that Osama's organizations uses the compartmental
> system in planning and execution. So I imagine the leaders of
> each group knew more than the rest? I also imagine that they
> knew there mission was to fly a plane into something?

That is assuming the hijackers were really who we've been told they were, or that a plane actually did fly into the pentagon. The government continues to suppress all of the photographic and video evidence of this conspiracy against americans. Whatever stuff we've been fed about Osama bin Laden and the Al Qaeda network, you must understand, was given to us by the very same people who offered the bogus intelligence to go to Iraq. We're not talking about incompetence here; it's intelligent design.

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