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Hi Everyone

I'm surprised that no one has presented a thread on the new tape that supposedly is from Osama. If this tape proves authentic then it provides some interesting facts and material. For one he seems to accept responsibility for 9/11. If true this will definitely hurt those that have supported the idea that he was/is innocent of this action and some conspiracy theorys. Two he has presented a mockery of the American Court and intelligence System. Since he states in the tape that the guy we just found guilty of participating some how in 9/11 didn't know anything at all about it. Now this would be pretty embarassing for the U.S. legal and intelligence systems to be caught offering evidence against this guy and presenting it in court in such a way to find him guilty of something he wasn't privy too. Very Interesting! How could this happen?

Or is this just a strategy ploy by Bin Laden to try and throw a fly into the ointment?

My opinion is both. I always thought that Osama was mainly responsible for organizing and /or funding 9/11. But parts of this trial have been rather questionable. It appeared to me to be more along the lines of the Martha Stewart trial. Where I believe she was tried as a celebrity example. This trial seems like the same thing. He was the only one caught so he has to be be tried as an example. Except in this case he was made into a celebrity. I imagine some where down the line he'll write a book or design a line of clothes or something. Maybe he's right, Bush will pardon him?

What do others think about this?

Thank you,dane

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