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So I was talking with a freind about this subject and he told me that when all the planes were grounded on 9/11, the temperature rose globally.

So it seems that whilst we're been adding to global warming gases, we've also been shading the planet with all the partical pollution, so in effect (according to the theory anyway) - they cancel each other out.

Except that now the partical pollution is dropping whilst the greenhouse gases are rising. Result? If we stop with the partical pollution now, we'll warm up quicker. If we keep with it, we'll still warm up but more slowly.

Damned if we do...

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Er... pollution IS good - for now anyway 187 Aarooga 22-May-06 14:11
Global warming risk 'much higher' 174 Aarooga 23-May-06 11:43

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