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Did anyone notice the news about the woman who was arrested for spying, but not for espionage? This was Wednesday or Thursday of last week. Her real crime, was not spying, but failure to register to be an agent for Iraq. If what I heard was true, she was a peace activist who tried to broker (talk) directly with the Iraqi's in 2002. In 2003 she went to her cousin who was a high ranking U.S. official (can't think of his title right now) and asked him to please let the sanctions work. She did not pass on secret information. She didn't have any. What blew my mind, was the news broadcast stated over and over that she was arrested for spying. But, my the end of the broadcast they say wasn't spying. This story proved to me more than ever the we Americans have already lost our rights. If you disagree with the Busch administration on the war or anything else, you can be made to disappear. I don't see that she did anything worse that what Jane Fonda did in the 60s. I sit in traffic for several hours a day going to and from work. When I hear people complain about censorship because they can't listen to Howard Stern I want to SCREAM and then I hope that maybe just maybe, this will wake up some of the sleepy Americans to what is really going on.

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