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PriorityRed wrote:
> Glad to hear you had a fun time. Did you check out any
> haunted castles, like Glamis?

Oh Red, I wanted too badly. It was too far East for us to fit it in the circle we made. We only had four days and we drove 1300 miles altogether...mostly on the first morning and last afternoon getting up there to Scotland and back. My English friends teased me that "Only an American could tour Scotland in four days." Its true I think. Everywhere we went people were staying on and couldn't understand our leaving without touring each area/town for a few days at least. Really we just wanted to get an overview and see highlights. Next time I'll go East and see Glamis castle and other sights over there and spend most of the rest of the time in the Highlands around the whole area around Fort William. I did go to Melrose Abbey but didn't see the monk who apparently haunts that one. I have heard some incredible stories of people experiencing very strange things there...even time warps. A fascinating subject...time. It is not actually linear...only from our conscious reality, so it can fold and be confusing to the subsonscious mind. Everything has actually already happened of course...which is the secret to psychic viewing among other things. Anyway, Rosslyn is amazing and almost hidden away. We really had to seek it out. I thought of Mr. Hancock while I was there. And all the books about the mysteries are on sale there! I said to Dad...see! It is a mysterious place! I think I have most of the books already so I didn't buy any. I got a fridge nagnet of the chapel and a few postcards of it without all the alluminum covering and framework. I swear though, I think my Dad thought I was nuts. I kept telling him it was amazing and I was lookung for the aloes and the maize and admiring all the faces and angels and gargoiles. Dad said if it was so mysterios it would have good signs how to get there! Not so....but I did find it with some determination and he was surprised I think on how amazing it really was. We did discover a totally cool thing in a common stone wall near an ancient church up on our way to Melrose Abbey. It was an unusual stone with a very faded carving of what looked like the Greek key of life. Or something like that. We took a picture. It must have been left from Roman times. I know they didn't make it up to Scotland, but this was well before the border so it could have been. Anyway...I have to phone my Dad and find out how I can post some pics from the camera. Anyway...yep Scotland is an awesome place all around. It's my new favorate place in the world...the highlands. I felt very emotional...almost panic after leaving Glencoe and that whole area where things are so lush and beautiful. Its wonderful to know there are such untouched natural places in the workd still. Unblemished...beautiful. I have a few funny storites to tell later...

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